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Who is The Clove Cafe

Here we are. Another cottage bakery with dreams of one day getting into a brick and mortar. I know, I know... a coffee cafe, a tea house, fresh baked goods!!... how original.

Well yes... but no.

Mental Health and individual inclusiveness is just as much of a focus for me as delicious goodies and dietary restriction inclusiveness. Unfortunately, as much as I may try, I know I may not be able to cater to every individual need, but I will try my best to include as many as I can in my goals.

Clove is the symbol of dignity. I have learned to love who I am and be proud of all I have overcome. While I still, and always will struggle with my mental health, I have learned to have respect for myself and the decisions I have made. Clove is a spice often associated with the winter holidays, a warmth when it is cold. I want to embrace warmth and the cozy, welcoming feeling of the holiday season. These are words and values I like to use to describe myself and who I want to be for everyone else.

So yes, someday I hope to have The Clove Cafe in a brick and mortar to be a coffee shop, tea house, a bakery, and small eats cafe... but so much more, too.

The Clove Cafe will be an inclusive space to heal and help with a focus of mental health at it's core.

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You have already exceeded your goal in so many ways as a role model - I know that welcoming brick-and-mortar cafe isn't far behind!

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Keep chasing your goals mom. I love and support you. Always.

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Contestando a

Thank you, Wesley! I couldn't do it without you!!!

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